Friday, January 22, 2010

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Job Searching Today - Five Suggestions 

1. Make sure you have a good resume. Your resume is your foundation. Imagine today's employers placing an ad on a job board, and how many resumes they must see. The first test is keywords. You need to have keywords or your core competencies outlined and placed at the head of your resume. If you don't have enough keywords, you will limit the hits you get on your resume. Many of the job board's offer resume writing services. I strongly recommend using them.
2. Understand what you want. Too often we go after a career or job, and go after anything. This is a frustrating model and you will not end up happy. You need to align your passions and background with a career that matches you. A good career match is about chemistry, not anxiety.
3. Find resources and use them. What resources are available? Career coaches, Recruiters, job boards, and social networks are a good start. You can also find data bases of employers, and contact them directly. Use your network and tell everyone you know that you are looking for a new job and would like a referral or so.
4. If you are unemployed, find something to do. I suggest volunteering. There are many wonderful, fulfilling things to volunteer to do. Boys and Girls clubs, Hospitals, Boy and Girl Scouts, the local library etc, are good efforts and you can add your experience to your resume. Large gaps of unemployment do not look good on a resume, so fill that time wisely.
5. Stay focused and treat finding a job like a job. There are millions of jobs available today, but you have to go and get them. The jobs will not usually come looking for you. It is a buyers market and the employers are looking for something special. Make yourself that special person. Be active in your job search and stay positive.

Start today with a can do attitude. Understanding your strengths and finding work that aligns with them, is ultimately what you need and want

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